Escape Academic Library

Escape Academic Library 1.0.0

77th Escape Game by Quicksailor.

77th Escape Game by Quicksailor.

77th Escape Game by Quicksailor. Every day from school you pass by a very library and you think of entering it always. One day while returning home you find this library opened and feel like entering. Once you enter the place, you come to know it’s the newly constructed academic library where you can find all academic related books and other stuffs. You go inside the library in the evening and you find a very interesting novel and you sit there and begin to read as the time passes by, the time to close the library comes and all leave the place, but friend goes deep into the book and gets settled in there. The person never notices that he was in and closes and the place. After his reading he comes to leave the place and finds himself stuck all alone inside. All you need to do in this app is, there’re a lot of hidden objects in the place which will help you to find the main key and escape from this academic library.

Download this free escape app and have a skillful play!


Go through the place find all the objects and make use of them in the right place and escape.


• Free to Download.

• Awesome Graphics.

• Escape App.

• Library Escape.

• Skill App.

• Challenging App.

• Many Objects to Collect.

• Simple but Challenging!

Escape Academic Library


Escape Academic Library 1.0.0